Membership Benefits

1. CILA, who is respected and recognized as a formidable organization, and became popular to have influenced many critical decisions on major issues affecting locator’s business operation, is the best channel to air your issues and concerns and your grievances with concerned branches and agencies of government including CDC, DOF-BIR/BOC, DOLE and even with private entities. In many cases, CILA has acted as an arbiter and a liaison to problems of locators and investors in the Ecozone.

2. Through its sponsorships of forum, dialogues, and consultative meetings, CILA provides your organization a venue where you can bring-up your problem, cite your position on specific issues and gets an up-to-date and concrete information on matters relevant to your operation.

3. CILA provides your personnel a medium where they can further advance their knowledge and skills through sponsored training and seminars and collaboration projects with concerned government agencies and private companies.

4. CILA offers your company an opportunity to expand your business network and benchmarking capabilities through its affiliations with chambers of commerce and industry, nationally and locally, and further, expose your company to business advancement and growth through trade missions.

5. CILA, with its Secretariat, acts as your Information Center where your company can get first-hand information on present issues in the Eco zone. Through its quarterly and monthly Bulletins and Flash Reports and other mechanisms, your company will be fed with vital and complete stories of relevant issues.

6. CILA also serves as an extension of your administration office for it offers assistance in organizing and conduct of special activities.

7. And lastly, the camaraderie & friendship that your people can gain, and the opportunity for your company to extend your advocacy to socio-civic activities.

Additional benefits:

1. Privilege to attend quarterly General Membership Meeting/ Focus Group Meetings for FREE Meals included (2 Participants)

2. Regular Updates of Clark Freeport Policies and Implementation

3. Prioritized on discounted and /or free corporate seminars.

4. Prioritized of discounted partner Hotel accommodations & Restaurant within Clark Freeport.

5. Represented in any issues or concerns affecting Clark Locators/Investors. (Meetings with concerned Gov't Agencies)

6. Opportunity for Business Matching and Networking.

7. Linkages with co-members, partner businesses and affiliate government agencies.

8. Free Jobs-Fair Participation