Clark Investors and Locators Association

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Regular Member

An investor or locator inside the CSEZ who has fully paid the annual due and remain in good standing. Each regular member shall be entitled to vote in all the regular membership meeting of the Association and eligible for election to the Board of Directors and any executive positions of the Association.



Associate Member

An Associate Member is one who is NOT an investor and locator but does business, either directly or indirectly, with any investor or locator in the CSEZ. An Associate Member performs advisory functions to promote and advance the purposes and aims of the Association.



Membership Benefits

1. CILA, who is respected and recognized as a formidable organization, and became popular to have influenced many critical decisions on major issues affecting locator’s business operation, is the best channel to air your issues and concerns and your grievances with concerned branches and agencies of government including CDC, DOF-BIR/BOC, DOLE and even with private entities. In many cases, CILA has acted as an arbiter and a liaison to problems of locators and investors in the Ecozone.